Ethereum Yield Farming Game


Welcome, dear farmer, to Turkeys.io! Imagine a magical place where you can have your own digital farm, grow non-fungible vegetables, and even feed a group of unsurprisingly aggressive little pixel Turkeys.

Quick Security Chime-in Here: Please verify contracts and socials using the links to the left. The team's social handles can be verified on the team page. Official $VEG contract is 0x85cd22083260e1d6c869ca7d89b0c8b5428e3c92.

How It Works

  • 👩‍🌾 Farmer NFTs: Buy a farmer using your $VEG coins. Your farmer will instantly start generating $VEG without the need to be staked. The cost of Farmers increases exponentially each time one is minted. The more farmers you have, the more $VEG you generate, there are 4444 farmers in total. 444 of these Farmers can be minted in ETH for 0.02. Farmers minted in $VEG have a base price of 400 $VEG which increases by 0.1% per Farmer minted.

  • 🦅 Turkey NFTs: These Turkeys are special! When a farmer claims their $VEG harvest, the Turkeys sometimes steal a portion. The Turkeys each share a piece of that $VEG. Turkeys cost a flat fee to mint and they have a maximum supply of 444. All 444 Turkeys are minted in $VEG for a cost of 2000 $VEG.

  • 🏡 Buildings: Buildings are part of our roadmap but are a core feature and will play a core role in managing and growing your farms. We have a range of buildings planned, each with different functions. Some buildings help reduce the effects of disasters, even lower the chance of those disasters striking - other buildings generate farmers over time or even fertilise your fields for higher yields.


  1. 1.🌱 Phase 1: Launch $VEG on Ethereum main net with socials.

  2. 2.👩‍🌾 Phase 2: Time to farm, Turkeys and Farmers become available to mint.

  3. 3.🌍 Phase 3: Social marketing, airdrop and ecosystem reward programs.

  4. 4.🏠 Phase 4: Construction Time! Buildings release on Ethereum main net.

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